Where to Find Your Perfect Grad Job in Working

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Looking for a job after graduation can be a bit daunting - but don't worry, we have some tips to help you on your way! 

1) Do your research


Have a look on the websites of places you’ve always dreamed of working – some might not publicly advertise, so that they only get applications from people actively looking to work with them. Even if they aren't advertising, you could send them an email asking if they would be looking to take an enthusiastic new graduate under their wing.

2) Pick up a newspaper


Back before we had the internet (no, we don't remember it either!) newspapers were the number one source for doing some jobhunting. Get retro in your job hunt and have a nosy in the job section - you can usually pick up a newspaper for free at bus and train stations.

3) Look smaller


The biggest businesses will get hundreds of applications, which means you're faced with more competition. While we don't encourage you lowering your ambitions, you can also find plenty of equally excellent opportunities in smaller companies which may attract fewer applications. Check out start-up companies and the third sector for some fab positions.

4) Go lateral


For some degrees, you might have to figure out how your subject area can work in a different sector, if you're struggling to find any positions directly in your degree subject. For example, a degree in history equips you with a whole bunch of skills which could lead to jobs in entertainment, publishing or politics. You might discover that you actually love an industry you hadn't originally considered, or the skills that you gain in that industry could help you get another job directly related to your degree in the future.

5) Google it


The internet is an excellent way to access information and opportunities. Our top picks for grad job websites include:

You should also check out some niche websites specifically tailored to the industry you're working in.

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