Make Your Summer Romance Go The Distance in Relationships

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So you've met someone on your holiday and had a great time together... so much so you don't want it to end. We've got some tips to make your hot summer romance continue into the colder months...

Keep in touch


It can be hard to really get to know somebody if you don’t talk, so make sure you try and set aside time to chat. If you live a bit further away from each other Skype or FaceTime can be a great way to see and hear them – because sometimes texts can be misread!



If you aren’t going to be able to see them a lot, or they are still on holiday when you are back home, you need to be able to trust each other. Constant texts asking where they are is clingy and can finish relationships before they get the chance to start, and spending all your time worrying about what they are up to will make you feel bad.

Do normal


If you do get to meet up, although its exciting to have lots of fun things planned, you need to get to know the person they are day-to-day – so why not go do simple things like watching Netflix on the couch or having dinner at their families house to see what they are like out with all the adventure of a holiday.  

Accept that it might not last


Relationships don’t have to last year in order to be meaningful – enjoy the time you had together and don’t try to force something that won’t work. Life is all about experiences, and you can cherish the ones the two of you had.