An Interview with Jamie Hepburn MSP

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In November 2018 we were joined by Minister for Business, Fair Work & Skills, Jamie Hepburn MSP at the Young Scot office who assisted us in launching W.O.R.K.

On the day, Young Scot set up a ‘mock interview’ for the Minister, interviewing him for his current role as Minister for Business, Fair Work & Skills.  

The three volunteers John, Sophie and Caitlin put the Minister through his paces asking him a series of some of the most popular and trickier interview questions they had come across. They all agreed that Mr Hepburn answered the questions with precision and confidence; and that they would “definitely” give him the job.

We were delighted that Mr Hepburn participated in the mock interview, giving us a great example of  how to act and compose yourself in an interview scenario – although hopefully none of our volunteers will ever need to be filmed in front of a room of people for a job interview!

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