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Down Memory Lane

This event will occur on Saturday 27th October, 2018, 12:00pm - 3:00pm. This event will occur on one day only.

The varying age groups get together to look back over the past and enjoy a sociable time together at Sense Scotland Touchbase and have fun.


One Giant Leap Lanarkshire decided to look at intergenerational community. The members decided to create memory boxes for people with alzheimers and host an afternoon tea party for the elderly community. The varying age groups will together to look back over the 40s, 50s and 60s and enjoy a sociable time together at Sense Scotland's TouchBase Lanarkshire facility on Saturday, 27th October. 

There will be vintage buses, fire engines and some racy XR2is on display in the car park whilst tea, coffee, sandwiches and some rather fancy cakes will served up inside by the members themselves dressed in their choice of costume from back in the day. As well as memory boxes displayed filled with items from bygone eras, there will be old pictures and music with all the research carried out projected on to walls and even some live music playing songs from throughout the ages.

During the project the members have met with the elderly community and interviewed them on their experience of leaving school and what life was like back in the day. The members researched reminisce boxes and created a mini museum with visual aids for everyone to see what house hold equipment was used and information on the war. Every aspect of the event will be themed on the 40s, 50s and 60s, from the music, the tables set with china, bunting and even the sandwhich fillers to give the full experience, reminisce for the elderly and learning for the youth.

To attend this event, you can pay on the day. Formal attendance will be carried out by contacting One Giant Leap through Sense scotland website, email directly or by telephone on (0) 141 429 0295.


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