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We want to run a day event for the whole community that includes deaf children, young people, their families, friends, people in the hearing,deaf communities.

When: 08/09/2018

Time: 11am-3pm

Booking: Just turn up!

We will run lots of fun activities like drama and sports workshop on things like deaf awareness,anti-bullying and British sign language. Activities will be led by deaf young people and deaf adults who will be positive Deaf Role models showing that deaf people can achieve anything they want to. We will celebrate the great things that deaf young people have achieved, like taking part in the deafflympics, and they will give talks to inapire people and answer their questions. We will also provide information and advice about training, employment and also careers for deaf young people and information stalls ran by local professionals and organisations that can help young people. The National Deaf Children's Society 's Roadshow Bus will be at the event so people can talk to them and try our the latest technology for deaf children and young people. The event will bring everyone toegther to promote friendships and understanding between the deaf and hearing communities in Ayrshire. There will be a chance to chat over coffee and a lunchtime. The event will be open to anyone who wants to attend from across Scotland, but we think most people will come from Ayrshire. We will invite local and national MSPs and decision makers along so they can talk to everyone and find out what deaf children and young people need. We will ask them to let everyone at the event know about BSL Local Plans for Ayrshire. We want everyone at the events to make new friends.


Burnhouse Manor



KA15 1LJ

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