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This event will take place on Saturday 15th December, 11:00am to 1:00pm. Please contact 01382 834681 with any queries.

One Giant Leap Dundee Programme Members have worked together to produced a film about their transition from school to adulthood, with help from staff and Dundee Contemporary Arts.


Programe members who attend One Giant Leap Dundee, consist of young people who are transitioning between children and adult services. To attend the group the young people have to be 2 years before leaving school and 2 years after. The group offers young people the opportunity to come together to experience friendships, peer support through participating in and learn new activities and skills to enable them to develop through their transition to adulthood.

Some Programme Members have in
terests in photography and art, so decided together to make a short film of their transition. The film project was scripted, designed by the young people and put together with help from staff and volunteers running the programme and valuable assistance from professionals in film making from Dundee Contemporary Arts. All the Programme Members had a part in the film, they each made models of themselves and helped with the task of putting the animation together, using models, pictures and voice over.

The making of the film helped some of the less confident members become more expressive and confident in their own abilities as part of the group. The film not only shows the Programme Members own personal view of their transition in their words and ideas, but has enhanced team working, built confidence, developed creative art skills, learning new animation techniques and developed relationships with their peers and staff. This has all given the members a sense of achievement and feeling of self worth as they are extremely proud of their creation.

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