Get Advice from Young Scot LawLine in Rights

Aged 11-25? Get free, confidential, 24-hour legal advice on any legal issue or problem with the Young Scot LawLine

Need legal advice?

Call on 0808 801 0801 and speak to a lawyer at JC Hughes Solicitors.

They are available to help answer any question or case in a straight-forward and helpful way, making sure you get the support you need.

Young Scot LawLine can help with loads of legal issues, including:

  • Being in debt or struggling to make payments 
  • Children’s Panel Hearings
  • Criminal Law and youth justice issues
  • Support if you have a mental health issue or facing a Mental Health Tribunal
  • Knowing your welfare rights and whether you are entitled to benefits 
  • Being bullied or harassed 
  • Unfair dismissal or discrimination in the work place
  • Housing/renting rights 
  • Claiming accident compensation 
  • Family life, whether it's rights with custody and children, you’ve lost your home or separating from a partner

No matter what the issue, whether it’s day or night, seven days a week, your call will always be answered. Call 0808 801 0801 to speak to the team of legal experts to access confidential legal advice you can trust.