Getting Home Safe in Lifestyle

Making sure you get home safe is really important - so follow these tips to sort out your journey home! 

Arrange how you're getting home before you leave


Whether it’s booking a taxi in advance, double checking your bus times or arranging a lift home from a generous mate, make sure you know when and how you’ll be coming home. When you’ve made your plans let a friend, relative or flatmate know when you’re planning to head back, so that they won’t be up all night waiting and worrying. It also means that if something were to happen that delayed you getting home when expected, they’d know to contact you and make sure everything was ok.

Bring spare change


It’s always a good idea to have some spare money on you in case of emergencies; it could be for an unexpectedly expensive taxi or to buy a bottle of water to hydrate you on the journey home. You never know when you or a friend might need a little extra money. 

Use trusted taxi services


Always use a licensed taxi service. Licensed taxi drivers undergo security checks and by pre-booking your taxi there will be a record of your journey logged with their main office. A licensed taxi will have a number plate on the back of the car which says ‘private hire taxi’ and on the driver side door you should find an oval symbol with either ‘private hire taxi’ or an identifiable company logo. When booking a private taxi you should also get information about how long it will take to arrive, a description of the car and the licence plate number, so that you can be sure that you are getting in the right car. No matter how long you’ve been waiting, or how cheap a fare the driver may offer, it is never worth the risk of getting in an unlicensed taxi.

Stay connected


It's important to be able to get in touch with someone. Make sure your phone will have enough charge to last the night - if your phone tends to run out of battery quickly (or you plan on snapchatting most of the evening..) then you should invest in a portable charger to give you a top up when you need it.

Get the last train or bus home


Most train services run until at least 10.30pm, and some even until midnight. Catching the last train home will not only save you money (16, 17 and 18 year olds can get a third off most train fares and half off of season tickets with their Young Scot card) but will also save you the cold wait for a taxi in the early hours of the morning. Make sure you can get to and from the train station safely, either by walking with a group of friends or by arranging to be picked up at the station. Pick a busy carriage on the train to sit in. If anything did happen that made you feel unsafe there will be more people about to seek help from. Sitting on the bottom floor of the bus will give you easier access to the driver if any problems do arise.

Remember your Young Scot Uber discountundefined


In Glasgow or Edinburgh? You can get a discount with Uber! Uber is an app where you can request a taxi with the touch of a button. When you download the Uber app, you'll make an account where you can put in your bank card details in order to pay your driver.  The app also has a fare estimator to see how much your trip will cost before you ride, and you can share an Uber with friends to split the cost.  Plus you can share your estimated time of arrival at your destination with other people so they can know when you'll be arriving. Young Scot cardholders aged 18 and over can claim a first ride free up to £15.