6 Ways to Prep Your Home for the Winter Chill in Lifestyle

Find out about ways to keep cosy when the winter chill comes and where to go for more help!

You never know when bad weather might affect you, so, by doing a little now, you can avoid being caught unaware and having to face the ‘worst case scenario’!

1. Make sure you can brighten up your home!

Scottish winter usually means high winds and stormy conditions – should your electricity go out, make sure you have candles, matches and torches ready (plus batteries!) to help you. Remember to be careful with candles! Don’t leave them unattended – blow them out before you go to bed! 

2. Keep cupboards stocked!

Severe weather conditions might mean you aren’t able to leave your house, so make sure you have enough food to eat and enough bottled water too. Keeping a good supply of tinned foods means you can still eat even if the electricity is out – and make sure you have enough food for any pets as well. Remember, you’ll need a tin opener too!

3. Have a list of emergency numbers

Pin a list of numbers on your fridge, or somewhere else noticeable that will help in an emergency. This could be friends or family members, or even neighbours to check in on, as well as contacts such as your electricity or gas supplier.

4. Be able to shift the snow!

You might find that snow makes leaving the house during the winter months very difficult, so try and have some de-icer, shovels and some salt to make it easier to move about. Help neighbours out by clearing some of the pavement in your street as well.

5. Keep an emergency kit

Have a box of things you might need in case you can’t get out your house – so things like a first aid kit are key, as well as essential medication considering most GP practices and pharmacies will be closed at various points during the festive period. A pencil, paper, penknife and even a whistle could also come in handy. Plus with the chilly conditions, make sure you have enough blankets and jumpers in case the heating packs in!

6. Watch some handy how-to videos online

Try and learn how to fix some issues, just in case emergency engineers are overrun by calls. If you can’t resolve it or are unsure then call a professional, but it’s always handy to know how to sort out some household problems!

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