Find Out More About the Edinburgh Airport Survey in Community

Edinburgh Airport has 33 airlines based at the airport, that currently fly to 188 routes. Edinburgh Airport wants to change the flight paths of both arriving and departing planes from the airport. 


A flight path is the route by which a plane flies in and out of an airport. Planes may fly over the area where you live if that’s the determined flight path of an airport near you.


Edinburgh Airport is asking for your opinion on what the new flight paths should be. Even if you have no opinion, or the paths they ask about don’t impact you, they still want you to have your say.  


Edinburgh Airport would like to increase the capacity of the airport, so that more flights can take off and arrive from the airport. To do this they want to change the flight paths. This could mean more destinations to fly to and bring more visitors to Scotland, but it may also impact the environment and increase noise pollution in the surrounding areas.


There are many different options for the new flights paths, which is why it’s important to have your say. If you live locally you could be impacted by noise. And in terms of a wider impact, certain paths have less CO2 emissions.


If successful, the new paths will begin to be used in early Spring 2018.

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