Top Tips for Interrailing

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One of the best things about interrailing is the freedom it gives you to explore some exciting places, however, you should make sure to do enough planning ahead of your trip. 

Knowing where you would like to visit, having done some research about the best accommodation, and making sure you know when your trains are will make sure that you can focus on enjoying the time you've got to go exploring! 

Interrail EU have lots of advice about what to do before you leave for your travels.

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Making sure you have a sensible budget for the trip to include accommodation, food and any attractions you’d like to visit is a great place to start! Saving up this money ahead of your travels will allow you to relax and enjoy all the new experiences the country you're visiting has to offer. It might also give you the freedom to do a bit of shopping while you’re away and bring back a souvenir or two!  

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Think about when to Travel

If you can, it can be worth travelling outside of peak season. This will save you money on things like accommodation, and the places you visit are likely to be less busy. Win-win!  

Interrail EU have lots of information about where you might like to go interrailing in all seasons if you decide to avoid the busy summer period. 


Be Friendly  

Whether you're travelling on your own or with friends from home, interrailing will give you the opportunity to meet lots of new people. Make sure you're polite and friendly to the people you meet, and you never know how many new friends you'll come home with from all over the world!


Look after each other 

Ensure that you are looking out for the people you are travelling with, as well as those new friends you make while interrailing!  

It's also great to try and check in with loved ones at home whenever you can. This will always be appreciated as they’ll be happy to know you’re well and you can let them know what a great time you are having! 

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