How to Get In Touch With Your Local Embassy Abroad in Rights

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Embassies, high commissions and consulates can help you when you’re abroad. But how can you find them when you’re on holiday?

What do Embassies Do?

A embassy or consul will help people who have passports from their country. Things that they can do include:

  • Register births and deaths
  • Issue passports, including in an emergency
  • Help people who are detained or imprisoned
  • Help people who have fallen ill
  • Help people who are the victims of crime
  • Inform people of any risks posed by visiting a country

If you have dual citizenship (ie you can have more than one passport) you should go to the embassy of the country of the passport you used to travel.

Where Do I Find My Embassy or Nearest Consulate?

You can find a list of British embassies across the globe here

A quick google search should help. You can also:

  • Ask the reception desk of the place you’re staying in
  • A Travel Rep
  • Head to a tourist information centre
  • Go to an internet café if there is one nearby
  • Or ask a friendly local who might be able to point you in the right direction

If Something Has Happened, Should I Go to the Police Station or the Embassy?

If you’re been the victim of a serious crime abroad, you will need to contact the local police in the area, your embassy and your insurer. To make an insurance claim that is the result of a crime (for instance a theft), you will need a police report. Find out more about travel insurance here.